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The University of Hong Kong's Master of Laws in Compliance and Regulation Programme

The Master of Laws in Compliance and Regulation Programme balances theory and practice to strengthen students’ insights on the drivers of global compliance trends as well as providing a solid foundation for their next career step. Students will enhance their understanding of regulatory policies and cutting edge issues impacting on compliance in the financial services sector, including developing wider perspectives on Hong Kong in the international context.

HKU'S LLM(CR): Interdisciplinary Learning

HKU’S LLM(CR) programme allows applicants to undertake their studies in full-time or part-time mode. Students from various professions can share and build on each other's experiences in an academic context. A prior law degree is not essential.

Fellowships Scheme

The University of Hong Kong's Master of Laws in Compliance & Regulation's Fellowships Scheme is aimed to attract more meritorious local students to pursue further studies in priority areas conducive to the development of Hong Kong. The Fellowships Scheme is available to local students newly admitted to the LLM(CR) programme and provides reimbursement of up to HK$ 120,000 of their course fees. It is available to both full-time and part-time students. Successfully admitted students who satisfy the eligibility requirements will be contacted with details of how to apply for a Fellowship.  Learn more!​

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The industry has quickly come to recognize the value of our programme. Alumni, including those in senior management positions, have already started networking with job opportunities and are on the lookout for our graduates as they know the breadth of learning experience the programme provides, which is both applied and more far reaching in developing awareness of global trends.


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After working in traditional finance for over 10 years, discussing the regulation of Fintech in the LLM(CR) programme triggered my interest and curiosity in a rapidly evolving industry where I now find myself working. I believe it is essential that regulators and industry groups collaborate to set the proper standards and best practices to move the Fintech industry forward, and the LLM(CR) programme has prepared me with the necessary foundation to contribute to that collaboration.



LLM (CR) Graduate

Class of 2019

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